Mary Anna (14 March 2011)
"Just a note to 5-Doves......"

Dear Doves of John Tng,

   Just thinking about all the lives touched through 5-Doves.  It's interesting to note that while participants came by through various circumstantial (coincidence if you will) instances so that few of us can take credit in knowing about Five Doves in advance and then decided they wanted to be a Dove.  No, God seems to have been hand picking each one of us, and that includes our beloved John Tng himself.  He found himself starting this Christian Internet and once he did, it was impossible to turn back, nor did he even look back not knowing what was ahead or how long he would be the captain of this website.  All he knew was this was the Lord's Work, and that he had been chosen to do it.  It was full speed ahead for him even though he was living in conditions that would not approve of it and could very well affect his living survival.

  The Lord impressed on him not to quit his day job but not to advertise this new Christian Web.  In this case, God was in the details and kept Satan out Himself so that His word could reach the world just before He came back for us.  God knew what John would face and kept him from being subdued .  The road has been a blessing and a joy for John but not without big struggles and road blocks the devil thought he could defeat and put an end to John's crusading.  As we as Doves became aware of the huge feat God had given John, prayers flowed daily for him.  On behalf of John, Thanks so much!

   Now we've come to the end of the road and we know that soon we will all meet each other in heaven as God calls each one of us by name that it's time to come on home.  He has rewards waiting for all of us and John will receive his Reward God has waiting for him for his faithful and loving obedience.  It is not unbelievable that much was sacrificial to John for his God.  Now, it will soon be over and Rest time for John and to meet all those who love him as he brought God's Love to all who knew him.

   I'm one of his doves that was reached as God guided and directed him in Christ Jesus.
Looking forward to meeting you all as God brings us all together in our heavenly home.
To God be the Glory,
Mary Anna