Mark Myers (18 March 2010)
"this weekend is anniversary of America's condemning of Israel"

Doves, I am so surprised that I hadn't seen this on this site or facebook.  My friend Jeff Holiday mentioned this Wed. on facebook - that America, as part of the quartet condemned Israel a year ago this coming weekend.  Here's a link to the article

Everybody picked on Japan's anniversary of going against Israel but not this.  This weekend is also the weekend that the gentleman who predicted the 89 San Fran quake says the conditions are ripe for a quake on our side of the ring of fire because of the strange fish phenomenon siting 3 different cases on the west coast here recently, the super moon and something to do with additional pull because of the spring equinox.

If this article is legit it sure adds to the physical phenomenon that adds to the possibility of America's judgement coming soon.

your brother in Christ,
Mark Myers