Mark Myers (18 March 2010)
"Question about 2nd chance to be saved after millennium reign"

After watching a video Suzi recommended yesterday about a 'heritic' on MSNBC I googled the question whether someone can still be saved after the 1000 year reign of Jesus Christ.  One site said yes, the next one no and the next didn't even think there would be a literal 1000 years.  So I come here to 5 doves where I first thought I should come as I respect so many of you for your love and diligent study of scripture.  Many of you may not realize how many of us did not grow up studying, talking about this part of the bible.  I was raised catholic and did not hear about this part of God's story until about 6 years ago at age 48!!  I've asked 5 catholics if they know about the millennium reign and only 1 out of those 5 had ever heard anything about it.  I can only imagine that this ratio might hold up with most catholics. (!!)
So when the thousand years is over will everyone be resurrected, satan released for a short time, and will the resurrected be able to make a choice at that time giving some a second chance to be saved ?

Continuing to watch for our blessed hope,
Mark Myers