Margie (2 March 2011)
"To Danny B  re  "Someone needs to read this poem""

Yes, Danny, it is a tear jerker, but you have no idea how much it spoke to

I believe I was one who was meant to read it, probably among others, who
have a
God-given affection for their horses.

In light of all the serious situations around us, let me share this little
bright spot
with you.  I am now a senior, live on a farmette in WI, with most of my
family around me,
and very thankful for good health, and a simple life.

I became a true born again believer in the late 60's and prophecy has been a
passion that
seems to have also been a God thing.  I love all His Word, cherish all He
wants me to know,
but marvel at how all the prophecies past and future prove without a doubt
that we serve
the King of Kings, and the Bible is a miracle in itself.

Now, back to your poem, I am assuming you are the author!  I have now six
horses, that have
all been with me many years.  We recently had to say goodbye to one older
gentlemen, it was
a sad day, but I realize that it was his time to go.  God held me and him
through that too.

I know that my Lord will blow that trumpet soon, and like all the Doves I
look and listen eagerly!
Only earthly concern is the welfare of the animals who depend on me, so my
prayers have been:

"They are yours Lord, you have lent them to me"  Please put a peace in my
heart, that they will
be instantly put to sleep at that moment or taken with us, or something, but
not starving and looking
for me or one of us to be there to care for them.
You Lord, are my everything,  I release them back to you.  Come soon, Lord
Jesus, end the suffering
for all and be Glorified!"

Some time passed and I had a short dream,  I was walking into our big barn
where the horses are
at night and they were gone.  "Someone" behind me said, (it was a tall
person, figure)  they are
out here, come, and I walked through to the door on the other end and looked
up a very high hill to the
east (there is no hill really)  it was a beautiful scene,  stairs made in
the sod with timbers, flowering
shrubs growing up the sides  and the sun rays glistening in the early
morning, misty-like way up on the
The voice kept saying, "see them up there?  there they are?  They are just

I did not see the horses, the sun was so bright, but

It was my confirmation "my peace",  from my Lord that they will be just
fine, He already has it all
worked out.

And Danny now your poem was another wonderful confirmation to that,  the
valley must be up on that hill!

OH,  almost forgot, one other neat thing happened,  a few weeks after the
dream I came across a picture
on a leaflet that was identical to the scene I saw in my dream of the stairs
going up this big hill!!!!
And I had not seen that picture before!

Thanks Danny!!!!   IF no one else replies, at least you know you made one
person very blessed!

I am Margie,  (Hi Mercer!)
the horses still with us are Tim, Khe, Rocky, Boomer, Raffi, Zammers