Liz Tracy (3 March 2011)
"Recent Dove Posts on the Religion of the Antichrist"

Hi Doves,

I'm enjoying the discussions here on the identity of the Antichrist with regards to the religion of the Antichrist!  I have always been bothered by something so now is a good time to throw it out there for discussion!

Talk of the soon to arise Mahdi or 12th Imam - (the awaited Muslim Savior) being the Antichrist hasn't set with me for one reason. Isn't the Antichrist someone the Jews will accept as their long-awaited Messiah?  How in the world could the Jews ever accept someone from a religion that is rooted in wiping them off the face of the earth (along with the rest of the "infidels"). 

In addition, as much evidence as there appears to be for O fitting the AC mold - I don't think the Jewish people overall have much regard for him at present. Again, doesn't the Antichrist have to be someone the Jews will look to as their long awaited Messiah?  They are definitely not looking at him that way now as his true intentions of splitting their land amongst their enemies have come to light.  I guess I could see O arising as their savior during a time of great distress for them, since he "can become all things to all people" but I can't see the Mahdi or 12th Imam ever fitting the bill.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?