Liz Tracy (26 March 2011)

Hi John & Doves:

Earlier this week I had a powerful and disturbing dream.  Three days later the Lord in His mercy gave me the interpretation for which I am so grateful. I feel led to share it with you.


I was in a place in eternity – it was like a room. There was a glass portal that led to a better place and occasionally I would go up to it and try to go through it but I couldn’t.  It was OK though, because Jesus was here in this room with us. I was with many of my saved family and friends. We were immensely happy to finally be Jesus.  I looked to my left and saw crowds of people waiting to get in. I saw many of my unsaved family and friends.  To my great joy, as they entered this room each one was given a choice:  YES or NO to accept Jesus.  I was filled with joy to see some of my family I had shared the Gospel with being given a second chance.  We were jumping up and down, ecstatic to see them finally come to Jesus!!  (I have been witnessing to my family for close to 30 years). We were talking among ourselves about this great opportunity to have one last chance to get saved.  How happy we were that we had it wrong before!!  There was much joy.  Then suddenly the mood changed.  Some of the Believers began to question what was happening. They warned that this could all be a set up.  False doctrine, and not real.  I became extremely concerned and was suddenly filled with an unexplainable, overwhelming need for Jesus to hug me and tell me He loved me and everything was OK. It was an intense, consuming need for His love and reassurance.  I stepped over to him and as I got close, to my horror he pushed me away and said “not now, I’m busy”.  I was devastated at this rejection.  Then I woke up.  Upon waking I was very disturbed by this dream.  Had I done something to cause Jesus to reject me?  What was He telling me?


Three days later I was at my son’s house and we were discussing the recent controversy with Rob Bell’s new book “Love Wins”.  In that book Bell refutes the teaching of a literal Hell.  (This made news yesterday because of a pastor who was fired for adhering to this teaching)   My son, who had been a big Rob Bell fan, said “you know Mom, what Bell teaches in that book is that in eternity everyone will be given a second chance to accept or deny Jesus  because “Love Wins” in the end!!   I knew right then that the Jesus in my dream was a false Jesus.  I also knew right then that Lord gave me that dream to warn me and others of the great deception that is taking place in these last days.  There is no “second chance”!!  Tell your friends and family NOW that Jesus is the way – the only way. 

2 Timothy 4:3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;”

Your Sister in Christ,