Linda Hazelton (3 March 2011)
"Re:  "Now. I'm really confused.""

Caroline Glick is a very pro-Israel Israeli Jew.  She is anti-establishment, anti-
liberal Israeli government.   She consistently taunts the stupidity of American
government.  She would just a soon the world would leave Israel alone
and let them live their own lives.
I agree with the article that you posted that she wrote.   Actually she almost
quoted Glen Beck verbatim from one of his shows this past week.   In fact the
Muslims and liberal left are using each other to further their own agendas.
What the stupid left doesn't realize is that in fact they are "useful idiots" because
as soon as the mullahs are in power regardless of who helps them get there they
will proceed with their religious agenda killing/enslaving whomever gets in their
way including the leftists!  The leftist press woke to that startling fact these past
few weeks when they were attacked while being the Mulims' "friend." Maybe the
left in their ever tolerance of discord feel that's acceptable--I don't know if they
have any understanding of what the Muslim agenda means for them.
I think that they are clueless of the fact they will not be able to wield their violent
lawless agenda once Islam is in charge. . . they will become second class citizens
just like everyone else and will not have access to their free love and drugs etc.  
and their women will have to be totally covered!   I wonder how they will like them apples!
I have followed Caroline Glick's writings for several years and she seems to me to
be right a majority of the time concerning how Israel should react to the world
especially to the US.  She had a great dislike for Barack Hussein and I think with
good reason.   I haven't been able to figure out if she is an observant Jew but she
makes it pretty clear that she is has not use for Christians.