Lewis Brackett (25 March 2011)
"the 10 Virgins are not the church"

The 10 virgins are not the church

The 10 virgins are the guests called to the wedding feast. The gospels give several examples of this. the guests wait at the fathers house for the groom to bring his bride home. Only the guests present when the Groom and bride arrive at the fathers house get to go in to the marriage and feast. those who really didn't believe there would be a wedding (had the oil, faith) are left out in the cold.........

The guests at the wedding are old testament Israel

Matthew Mark, Luke John is to the Jew ---much more than to the church..... Jesus was the minister/apostle to the Jew. only after his death were his followers told to go to the gentiles.......

Matthew 24 is written to tribulation era Israel after the rapture of the church...... talking to the JEW .......looking forward to the 2nd coming.......

its about dispensationism

If the ten virgins were the church, the parable clearly teaches that if you are not continuously on fire for GOD you are not saved---that you can loose your salvation,,, or that if you are backslidden when the rapture happens you will be left behind to endure part or all the tribulation....

this an error in theology..... scripture says """we ALL"" will be raptured who have had a salvation experience......

imho, "broader metaphors" confuse people and allow them to pick and choose what part of the Christian message they are most comfortable with........

This is One reason why I am so troubled with the purpose driven movement....I do not question the motives of the leaders, or their salvation...

but imho, lots of people within it are self deceived into thinking they are saved but are not..... Christian psychology is not the Gospel .…

Its about Dispensationalism

The will be 7 dispensations to complete GOD’s plan. 7 ways GOD dealt with and tested man. Man failed all 7 showing that man needs GOD’s grace and shows the universe that GOD is right, and Satan is wrong. GOD could have destroyed Satan at any time, but that would have only shown that GOD was the more powerful, not that GOD was right. The whole point to “project Earth” was to prove GOD right and to provide GOD a family who would choose to love him.

The first Dispensation was Innocence in the garden of Eden

The 2nd Conscience from the fall to the flood

The 3rd Human govt from the flood to Abraham

The 4th Promise from Abraham to Moses

The 5th Law from Moses to Pentecost

The 6th Grace; the church from Pentecost to the Rapture

Between the Rapture and the 2nd coming the world is back under the law for Daniels 70th week

The 7th Sight is from the 2nd coming until the new Heavens and new Earth

The Church the Bride is only believers from Pentecost to the rapture…….

The old testament believers are the guests at the wedding mentioned in Matthew ch 22. The 10 Virgins of Matthew 24 are old testament people

waiting at the door of the fathers house for the Groom, Jesus to return with His Bride the Church…… only the guests present when the groom returns were

allowed to enter the fathers house in the Hebrew marriage custom. Only those guests wearing a wedding garment were allowed to stay at the feast ………


You have 4 groups of people in eternity

The Old Testament believers

The Church which returns to the Earth in the New Jerusalem after the 1000 years

Rev 21:9-10

The Tribulation Saints who martyred and are promised to be resurrected and Return with Jesus And rule as His rod of Iron for 1000 years Rev 20:4-6

The Millennial Saints those believers that are still alive will repopulate the earth.

All others will be removed from the Earth to hell as in Matthew 24:40-41

The armies of heaven are always the angelic host. These come with Jesus at his 2nd coming


Lewis  brackett