Lester (30 March 2010)
"Re: "Constantinople was built on 7 hills too!""

Also Moscow (called the "3rd Rome", ruled by Czars (i.e. name derived from Caesar) after Constantinople "2nd Rome"), Mecca, Tehran, and a few others - see the list at <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_cities_claimed_to_be_built_on_seven_hills>

Apparently the original city of 7 (towers) was Babylon - after the fall of Babylon, it seems that the ruling class fled and may have established Rome. Rome has more than 7 hills, but at different times had only 7 of those hills named as the 7 hills of Rome - this is possibly as a memory of its Babylonian roots. When Rome began to fall, Constantinople took over. When Constantinople fell, Moscow took over in the North. Mecca in the South