Leslie (14 March 2011)
"Please Pray for the people of Japan"

Please Pray for the people of Japan, not only for the earthquake and tsunami damage/loss of life, but also the possibility of nuclear fallout from damaged nuclear reactors.
Please Pray for Laura Hightower (WA state) who is having brain tumor surgery Monday(03/14) morning.  This is a regrowth of a tumor taken out 10 years ago.
Please Pray for Lisa Herman (OK state) who is recovering from her brain tumor surgery. She still has no hearing in her left ear, plus she is having trouble with one of her eyes.
Please Pray for my older brother, Tim Cochrane (CA state), who is having open heart surgery this week at Stanford University to implant a LVAD(6-8 hour surgery; he will be in the hospital and in the hospital apartments for at least 8 weeks.  He is waiting for a heart transplant.  Please also pray for his family, especially those that aren't saved yet.