Leigh (31 March 2011)

Dear Doves and John. This cry comes from a broken heart. When my little boy was 10 years old he died, and from then on I put in everything to serve GOD!!!!  Then my only other son got married and she kept on telling my son that she hates me.....How would anybody feel if HE IS NOT ALLOWED TO SEE HIS CHILD ON HIS BIRTHDAY!?!?!?!?!?!?!? After 18 years I felt I had enough and then I exploded telling her how I felt in my heart!!!  She then  kicked me out of her house and I never went there for almost 2 years now. On Saturday is his birthday and now she refuses him to take me and his dad out to lunch!!!  I mean, it is ONE DAY IN A YEAR!!!! My husband now wants to leave the country because he says if he is not allowed to see our son on his birthday, why stay on here???  He is a very meek person and my son is an absolutely spirit filled person!!! He is TOO POLITE TO REBUKE HIS WIFE!!  The Bible says  the mans word is law in his house for man must be the king and priest of his house!!!!! She should LISTEN TO HIM!!!   I spoke to my pastor and he says she needs GOD URGENTLY!!! She refuses to go with us. She knows very well that the rapture is at hand. PLEASE PRAY URGENTLY FOR HER... HER NAME IS HILDA  thaT god WILL OPEN HER EYES AND FILL HER WITH his MIGHTY spirit!!!!