Leigh (24 March 2011)
"ATTENTION EVERYBODY continued......"

I went to the calender and saw that the 21st of April was the day before Easter Friday.... WHAT?????  We in Australia Eastern time are about 7 hours before Israel. At first I did not want to post it but also dont want to blame myself for neglecting this for it could be a serious warning to all of us. Sometimes GOD takes up to a week before He answers me but I found this verse shortly after this: Isaiah 52:13-15. Verse 15:  ...kings shall shut their mouths because of HIM; for that which has not been told hem they see, and that which they have not heard they understand.  Beloved ones, Im not saying anything   wiilhappen but when I woke up I still heard those words :Four weeks to GET READY!!!!  I have told you what was on my heart and I had a terrible dream many years ago which also involved a certain time and it happened exactly like it was in the dream. Im just telling all of the DOVES and John because I love you all so very much. If nothing happens, at least we would have prayed more and warned each other more.... TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY!!!!!   YSIC   Leigh