Leigh (21 March 2011)
"Weird dream Saturday night"

To John and all Doves. In 2006 I had a vision while I was wide awake of darkness coming over the earth. I have never been so scared in all my life!!! Two weeks ago I called on GOD asking Him how long before the rapture will occur and asked Him could He please show me how long we still have to wait? Well after a week I thought that Im not allowed to know..... So on Saturday night  I was in a very deep sleep. I must say I have hardly ever had such a vivid dream so when I woke up I knew all of it immediately. In this dream my mom was with me. She passed away in November 1983. We were in a very big very old house without any furniture like when a disaster had struck it.... I was looking through the window and the next moment a big heavenly body bigger than the moon moved in front of the sun, blocking out all light. It became very dark. What felt like about 6 hours there appeared a few sunrays at the right hand side of the sun. I was overjoyed and said, mom, the sun is shining again!!! But then these rays changed to a very weird dark pink colour more like red, and a very deep rosy pink, almost  red flood of light covered the earth.... End of dream. Last night I typed in THE DAY OF THE LORD on the computer and came across this sight: THE ENDTIMES FORECASTER    I dont know who this person is but he described exactly what I experienced in my dream. He says that the rapture will happen at the same time as the DAY OF THE LORD!!!!!  This is also what the 21 May Day of the Lord people believe.With the 6th seal and the big earthquake. We all know that the dead in Christ will rise FIRST and THEN we will with them meet our LORD in the air. This bright light red flood of light gave me the impression of the Rapture when I woke up. Has anyone maybe experienced the same colour of light in a dream?    Love. Leigh Australia