Lauren (17 March 2011)


The proof is in the video below but to set it up read WHY this will take place this summer.

To those of you familiar with Bill Koenig's web site  He has given a chronology of events that lead up to Japan's   disasters, that have been meted out as retribution for their financial support to 'BREAK' God's 'everlasting inheritance covenant' and divide His land into a Palestinian state. 
Here's the link to that chronology of Japan's indictment for 'disaster upon disaster';
As you scrolled down the chronology, you read that it was but one day BEFORE the 'earthquake' on March 10, 2011, that one of Japan's representatives laid a brick in Jericho along the side of Palestinian Prime Minister Faayad as a foundation of a new building for the Palestinian Authority, proving they are financial supporters of the Palestinian Authority. 
The Set Apart One of Israel doesn't cause these things to happen, the sad fact is that it is our disobedience against His Torah, His instruction manual, that causes these natural disasters to happen.
It was exactly 1 year before the 9.0 earthquake hit Japan on March 11, 2010 that Japan demanded that Israel not build 1,600 housing units in east Jerusalem. We shouldn't be surprised that Japan may have lost 1.6 million homes during these disasters! God will not be mocked, do we remember the Hurricane Katrina evacuation to the Gush Katif evacuation ratio? 
Here's a link to a statement by the Japan Press Secretary and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on the decision of the Government of Israel regarding the construction of housing units at settlements in West Bank, including East Jerusalem
Remember, it was on the day after the 9th of Av, or August 15, 2005, that the IDF started evacuating their own people, some 8,600+ from their homes in Gush Katif in Gaza.
As documented in Bill Koenig's book 'Eye To Eye', seven days later while Israeli bulldozers were destroying the last Jewish homes in Gush Katif, Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf coast, devastating New Orleans.
It is estimated that Katrina removed nearly 1 million residents from their homes and mirrored the destructive horror brought about by U.S. President Bush's 'disengagement plan', that he foisted upon Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who agreed to it and now lives in a comatose state and has been since January 4, 2006.
On October 11, 2010, Palestinian Prime Minister Dr. Salam Fayyad inaugurated and corner-stoned the Jericho Agro Industrial Park’s Infrastructure projects funded by the Government of Japan.
Japan's representative, Naofumi Hashimoto, stated, "Japan is firmly committed to support the establishment of a viable Palestinian state, and believes that for achieving such goal, a solid basis of sustainable Palestinian economy is indispensable."
Full story, including photo's linked here 
As you read this, you'll see that the Japanese government has given over 10 million dollars to the “Homestretch to Freedom” a  PNA Government Program that they believe will start operation by the end of 2012! No wonder these 'disasters' have been meted out on Japan.
Things do not bode well for this country because the US was the chief architect and negoitiator of the 'Roadmap to Peace' and formed a 'Quartet' that includes along with themselves, the UN, EU and Russia!
So with Japan’s membership in the UN, they automatically answer to the Road Map and it's demands for a 2-state solution to break God's 'everlasting inheritance covenant' and 'divide up' His land for peace.
The United States who formed the 'Quartet' will be judged vicariously for their 'misdeeds' against Israel, is that why we read in Revelation 18:6 Reward her even as she rewarded you, and DOUBLE unto her DOUBLE according to her works: in the cup which she has filled fill to her DOUBLE. Read Revelation 18:6 in context
Because the Set Apart One of Israel desires that NO ONE help support Israel's regional enemies who attack, launch missles, plant bus bombs, destroy families, hunt down, lay in wait for His people who are called by His Name because all things are made for Him and by Him and exist because of Him.
Vengeance belongs to the Set Apart One of Israel, He has promised Abraham, Isaac, and Israel and their descendants that "whoever blesses them will be blessed and whoever curses them will be cursed" Genesis 12:3
Stay tuned, more coming on this 'double destruction' planned against the USA, this link shows what has caused these recent earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and solar flares 
I find it fascinating that two of the dates listed fall within God's three fall festivals, however the tsunami/earthquake that wrecks havoc on our country IMHO, will come earlier in the summer.
Giving Him the glory an Ezekiel 33:6 watching one REPENT the Kingdom of God and the "authority of His Messiah" is near, MAKE your 'redemption' SURE