Laura T (21 March 2011)

John, the following is for a Christian brother who is a project head of repairing a reactor in Japan. 

HI Everyone,
I am sending this as I sense our Lord God wants us to pray for a miracle in Japan .  The people of Japan have been trying for days now to stop the nuclear reactors from melting down.  It looks like the situation has gotten very critical.  Some suggesting that an incident like Chernobyl is likely.
Well it sounds like they are trying everything that humans can do, but lets ask God to intervene and shut down the reactors.  Let’s ask God to do a miracle and stop a catastrophic accident from taking place.
We know that God can do much more than even the wisest humans.  And we need His ability now.
I am asking you to spend some time tonight and pray for God to shut the nuclear reactors down.
Thank you in Jesus’ name,
Jim Miyabe
P.S.  As you feel led please send this out to your friends and family so that we all would be praying.