KML (23 March 2011)
""Called to Enternal Glory" JR CHURCH  ( March 22, 2011 )"

Dear John and Doves

It is sorrowful and yet glorious that our beloved JR Church
Has left us, but praise God he is now HOME.
He has gone on before us, and will be united at the transformation, we all KEEP LOOKING UP for.
He wanted to be here to go in the RAPTURE, and we have all prayed that he would.
A dear brother in the Lord that we shall meet again in that glorious moment.
Let us continue to pray for " Prophecy in the News " and for his wife and family.
A great loss ! We shall miss him.

Until Jesus Comes....
May His Grace be with us all as the Birth Pangs get more intence.

Come Lord Jesus !