Kevin Heckle (8 March 2011)
"Patti:  Niburu Video explains why it would be so EASY to see"

The video you linked to here:
 explains why the supposed Niburu would be EASY to see if it were as near to the earth as its proponents claim.
Think about this.  If it were as close as Mars, more gigantic than Jupiter and yet very similar to Jupiter in structure (at 1:17 in the video), then where could it possibly be hidden in our sky?  Why can't we see the elusive Niburu, being is several times larger and closer (half the distance) than Jupiter, which is very apparent in the night sky? 
Last evening, (3/6) Jupiter was beautiful by the way, appearing in the evening western sky just to the south of a crescent moon.  Jupiter should be apparent in the evening western sky for a while longer, about a handspan high at 7PM, midway along the ecliptic.
If Niburu were real, coming inside of 2 AU of earth it would appear to be about half the size of our full moon and just as bright.
The falling star of Jesus' description and Revelation will be an asteroid or comet, a spec of dust compared to something the size of a brown dwarf.
Proving all good things in Christ,
Kevin Heckle