Kevin Heckle (3 March 2011)
"Donna Danna's Eclipse Earthquakes"

I would agree that there certainly seems to be a correlation with lunar eclipses and earthquakes.  If you envision our earth's crust as a thin liquid layer, it only stands to reason that the tidal effects exerted on our oceans by the moon would also affect the earth's crust.  From the data I sorted through involving the conjuction of Earth, Venus and the Sun, there definitely was a correlation between the conjuction of EVS and the severity of earthquakes.  An eclipse of the moon is really the same thing as earth and an inner planet conjunction (especially transits).  Its just that the moon is much closer and obvious.  I would guess the reason there are not always earthquakes during an eclipse is that the moon makes the tidal cycle every day due to the rotation of the earth and once a month due to its orbit.  One month or 29.5305888 days is really the CONJUCTION period of the Earth, Moon and the Sun whereas the specific conjuction period of the Earth, Venus and the Sun happens every 583.92 days.  I would suppose that the more regular period of the moon would cause fault line disturbances to be more settled as those faults get shaken out by the tidal effect every day or every month. The conjucntion of earth and an inner planet like Venus doesn't happen as often and it seems that whatever fault lines that tidal effect hits on isn't as settled as the Eclipse earthquake, and consequently is either more violent or more coincidental.  
Now factor in the morning star (Venus) and moon conjunction with the earth and the sun every 2923 days ( 8 years, 99 months, 13 orbits of Venus, 5 EVS conjuctions).  What tidal effect does that have on the earth's crust?
I've spoke of this before.  What do the numbers in Daniel have in common?  The answer is the earth year, lunar conjuction period and the Venus conjuction period.
1260+1290+1335 = 3885  1335-1290-1260= (-1215)
By the tropical earth year, every fifth 2919.601 day conjuction moves clockwise (OPPOSITE or negative the orbital direction of all the planets) through the Mazzaroth about 2.3 degrees.  In 1215.0276 years, or (152) 2919.601 day Earth-Venus-Sun conjucntions, the event returns to nearly the same place in the Mazzaroth by tropical reckoning.  At this point, the EVS conjucntion is one lunar year ahead of the full 1216 years if Venus were slower.  This averaged is 1215.5138 years.  There are also (5 )- 243 year transit periods of Venus in 1215 years
Take the sum of Daniel's numbers 3885 divided by the difference 1215 results in the result is 3.1975.  The vision in Daniel 12 of the 'time, times and a half' where he raises one arm to the sky north and the other to the sky south is clearly a reference to the half year (solstice to solstice or equinox to equinox) of 182.62 days.  182.62 x 3.1975 = 583.92 days, just like the conjuction period of Earth Venus and the sun.
Take the average of the amount of time the EVS conjunction is ahead at 1215.0276 years vs. 1216 years and it is 1215.5138.
Divide 3885 by this number 1215.5138 and the result is 3.1961792.  Now add the tropical year of 365.2421896 days plus the lunar year (29.5305888 x 12) of 354.36705 days which is a total of 719.60923 days.  Multiply 719.60923 x 3.1961792.  What is the result?  It is exactly 2300!!!!  The other Daniel mystery number in chapter 8. " After 2300 mornings and evenings the temple is cleansed".  According to the Law, what day was the Temple to be cleansed?  NISAN 1, which is the SPRING EQUINOX.
What does 2300 have to do with reconciling the equinox?  2300 mornings and evenings (the full average cycle of Morning Star rising to Morning Star rising is that 583.92 days).  Ideally, the average would be 584.38748 days.  5 conjunctions would equal exactly 8 tropical years.  2300 x 584.38748 ideal days equals exactly 3680 years.  The equinox moves due to an effect of the sun and moon's gravity and it is called precession of the equinox. IF 3680 years is one day of the 'great' week that it takes precession of the equinox to come full circle, then 3680 years x 7 (great days) is 25,760 years.  This value is within a few years of NASA's best guess!!!  A sabbath or heptad (7) of 2300 mornings and evenings will reconcile the equinox, returning it to its exact place as it had been 25,760 years earlier!
Other interesting facts: there are (1290 + 1335) 2625 lunar years from the date of Daniel's Vision until the summer solstice in 2012;  the average of 1260, 1290 and 1335 is 1295.  The average of 1295 and 1215 (reverse difference) is 1255.  A conjuction of Venus upon the Equinox will recur exactly on the equinox 1255 years later, repeatedly, even though the equinox precedes about 17.8 degrees each 1255 years!!!; the average between the tropical and sidereal year is about 365.25.  Add it to the calendar year of 365 days which is 730.25.  Multiply this by the ecclesiastical year (by sabbaths or sevens) of 364 days and the result is 265,811 days, which is also a season (91 days) times the Octaeteris average (2921 days).  Multiplied by a time, times and a half (3.5) it is 930,338 days or 2,547 solar years.
Signs in the sun, moon and stars causing Earthquakes and Floods in diverse places!!!
Kevin Heckle