Kevin Heckle (14 March 2011)
"Donna Danna: Moon Question"

According to the US Naval Observatory moon rise and set tables on the east coast of America (Florida):
On 3/8 the moon rise was at 8:25 AM and set at 10:00 PM.
On 3/9 the moon rise was at 9:01 AM and set at 10:55 PM.
On 3/10 the moon rise was at 9:41 AM and set at 11:50 PM.

On those days, the moon had risen in the morning during the daylight hours, was visible all day and then set well after dark.

When you saw the crescent moon low on the western horizon at 7 PM it was low in the sky, on its way to setting not rising. There is an 18.6 year cycle of the moon that causes a phenomena known as 'lunar standstill', but that last happened in 2006.

We are coming up to an event known as the 'supermoon' in which it comes its closest to the earth in 18 years, but it doesn't happen until 3/19.

Kevin Heckle