Kevin Heckle (10 March 2011)
"Rowina: Niburu & the Aliens"

I seriously doubt your assertion that the 'general opinion held by most of the Doves' is that creatures are living inside the mythical Niburu.  In fact, I would imagine that the majority have no opinion on something with no Biblical, historical or astronomical evidence to support its existence one way or the other.  It is pure speculation.  The origins of this myth are rooted in the occult and New Age movement.  There have been several predicted arrivals of 'Niburu' over the years, the most recent failure to appear was in 2003. 
How is it that anyone can calculate a 3600 year orbit (plus or minus 12 years) without ANY observational data.  After all, you'd have to wait around 3600 years, give or take, to prove a 'gravity perturbation' calculation of the invisible Planet X as having a 3600 year 'oval' orbit.  You said that Stan Deyo found an 'empty orbit exactly where he thinks Niburu will eventually come'.  There are an INFINITE number of empty orbits about the sun.  Which one is he speaking of?  Essentially, he's claiming a stable orbit of the gargantuan Niburu among the stable orbits of the other planets in our solar system;  Yet at the same time the Death Star Niburu is so disruptive gravitationally that it will cause the earth to swap ends.  It cannot be both stable among stable planetary orbits yet also disruptive gravitationally.  A celestial object is considered a PLANET when it cleans its orbital path, for the most part because it has enough mass to do so.  Yet, we still exist; niburu hasn't been this way.
The origin of the word Niburu has basis in ancient Babylonian tablets as being a 'crossing place' in the heavens in relation to a variety of planets including Mars and Jupiter.  My best guess is that it is in reference to any particular planet conjuncting with the sun on either equinox (the crossing places of the ecliptic and the celestial equator).
The Babylonians were very good at observing and recording the movements of God's celestial  clock.  It just so happens that one such tablet records the observation of the heavens over a twenty-one year period during the reign of the Babylonian king Ammi-Saduqa, which was exactly 3600 years ago, plus or minus, just like the mythical Niburu 3600 year orbit.  Generally, a 21 year period from the 1580's to 1560's BC was carefully observed by thier stargazers. The observation of Venus was recorded by lunar dates, using the calendar that the Hebrew calendar has its basis in.  Having a particular interest in the orbital parameters of Venus (relating to Daniel's numbers) I wanted to know if the average of heliacal risings and settings of Venus (mornings and evenings) matched the observed time periods of today.  I painstakingly entered every date and time period between the various orbital events, based on the observation of the ancient stargazers and the interpretation of the tablet by experts in the field.  Once the data was entered, the average time period of 'mornings and evenings' risings and settings of Venus calculated-out to be EXACTLY 583.92 days, just as it is today. 
If a Niburu passed this way 3600 years ago, the Babylonian stargazers were SILENT about the event.  Yet at the same time, the closest planet to ours (Venus) ticked away like a Timex EXACTLY at the same rate it does today.  If there truly was a Planet X as described passed our way, it had ZERO effect on our closest neighbor.  Not only did it have no effect on Venus, it also had ZERO effect on EARTH.  The other half of the 583.92 day conjunction equation is the 365.25 earth-year.  It hasn't changed in 3600 years either (well it has slightly by fractions).  The Babylonian observer standing on Earth recording the 583.92 day average conjunction period of the Earth, Venus and the Sun in the 16th century BC would record the same average in the 21st century AD. 
When I was a younger, I used to get in trouble for running through the room (wood floors) as it disrupted the pendulem in my mom's large Grandfather Clock, causing it to get off time.  The giant Niburu hasn't run through our room in recorded history otherwise the orbital pendulems of the planets would have been upset.  The CLOCK that GOD instituted in Genesis 1 has not slipped a cog or skipped a beat since the time HE DECLARED the sun, moon and stars were humanity's benchmarks for time.
Rowina, there is an even more important point about all this.  When, as a Christian, you jump on board with a New Age idea like the Planet X-hollow-alien-filled doomsday object that has ZERO basis in FACT or the Bible, it harms your witness for the Gospel of Christ.  Nothing can deminish the true Gospel.  However, a false adherence to a fable like the Niburu story can harm your personal testimony for Christ.  When you claim both are equally true and then Planet X never materializes, it casts doubt on your other claim, which is the Gospel.  The classic methods of discrediting a witness in a court of law is to prove them untruthful or incapable of discerning the truth in another matter (credibility of the witness).  There are five attributes of a credible witness (reliability, trustworthiness, expertise, objectivity and a moderate demeanor). 
Christ is truth, Niburu is a theory. 
Paul said to PROVE ALL THINGS, hold fast to that which is good.  The Niburu wive's tale has NOTHING to hold on to but internet speculation and fabricated or deceptive video by people that are anything but Christian.  People like Stan Deyo can make any claim, but thier motives are suspect when they are also profitting by the fear of those who can be persuaded.  We Christian people sometimes tend to accept that others are truthful, not malicious, etc. like we are or at least should be.  However, we are supposed to be as wise as serpents (always checking, testing our environment) yet as harmless as DOVES.   
Again as the Apostle Paul said, PROVE ALL THINGS.  Niburu is UNPROVABLE.  Let it go.
In Christ,
Kevin Heckle