Kathy (8 March 2011)
"Firecharger's Videos"

Hello Firecharger,
It has been a blessing see you thru your videos!  You have such a love, passion and FIRE for Jesus Christ.  God has and will continue to USE you to touch the lives of others thru the POWER of the Holy spirit.  It's wonderful that you have a desire to lay hands on others that need a touch from the Lord!
I have had you on my fav's list for a long while now.  The only time I have been able to post a contact to you is thru RR.  and, as you, I was booted off for NO reason.  anyways...I can't put a post on youtube for some unknown reason.  I've wanted to tell you that you have been doing a GREAT JOP! I hope you will continue to do your videos.  I do enjoy watching them.  God has given you many gifts to serve Him.  and, you are Glorifying Him greatly.  One day soon, you will see ALL the rewards you are 'storing up' by serving God.
Also, when you asked for prayer for you or someone on your videos...I do pray for them.  And, I will continue to pray for the young Christain mother carrying a child that both has cancer.  That just touches my heart so.  Please keep us updated on her reports.  We will claim a total healing and a normal delivery of a perfect child!
May God Bless you for being a Faithful worker!