Kathy (7 March 2011)
"The Doves"

Words CAN NOT express the deep gratitude I feel for each person that prayed for me or wrote a note.  May God bless you ALL for caring enough to take the time to do the actions you did.  That was just 'one more reward' stored up in heaven for you! There were too many names to mention, but you know who you are.  Thanks for taking the time to share God's love!
Last week, I was soo weak in ALL areas of my life.  Having Chronic Pain drains your emotions and body soo much.  especially when the pain is sooo intense; you just don't think you'll make it thru the day. But, with God's Strength and YOUR prayers and words of encouragement...I made it thru another week!  Praise the Lord!
Many at church this morning could tell I was having a "good" day.  It was sooo good, I went to church this evening.  Which has become a rarity for me in the last few years.  I physically can't endure going to both services in one day.  Well, today they had a sing for missions with the local talent.  I soo enjoy Christain music and singing.  I done soo well this morning, I thought I could go tonight.  I took a pain pill before leaving.  People were shocked to see me 2 times in one Sunday.  I sat right up in front of the pews with my 'bag chair' as usual.  and, half way thru the program...my pain was soo intense.  But, I toughed it out and at the closing prayer, I left out the back door and went to our car for refuge.  While I was waiting for my husband, I was talking to God.  and asking questions about my life.  I soo hope He will answer my prayers.
Life is soo hard when you want to do and go when you can't.  All my adult life I have been so active in church.  Working in just about all areas of the church.  Teaching adult sunday school is where my heart is.  But, I can't do that anymore after having both my jaw joints replaced twice.  I have NEVER been a 'pew sitter'.  well, now that is ALL I can do.  and I don't do that very well either, because I can't even sit IN a pew.  I've asked God many times "what I was doing or did wrong?".  why was my service to Him taken away? It just breaks my heart.
Please DON'T take for granted being able to "DO" things.  whether they are great or small.  Being able to physically do things or go places and enjoy life is an amazing blessing for anyone to have.  I'm only 48.  and I feel like I'm trapped in a 100 yr old body.  what gets me thru the day is God's promise that one day (soon I hope) I will have NO MORE PAIN.  I'll have a NEW body in heaven.  Praise the Lord!!
PS....Jane Cappe, thanks for going the "extra" mile to help me!  I know God WILL bless you!!!
May God Bless you,