Julie (5 March 2011)
"To Raul Heavens Dream  WOW!!!!!!!!!"

Hi Raul how blessed is your daughter Victoria! What an amazing dream!!!!!! Its mind blowing how many signs and warning God is giving us.  
Very exciting times we are living in waiting the return of our Lord and Saviour Jesus. I have been asking The Lord about the pole shift and He has said that an event would happen very soon and not to fear. I have been reading prophecy on WINGS OF PROPHECY website and there is a prophecy dated 13th Jan 2011 talking about a major event occuring with a huge loss of life involved and i have wondered if that was referring to the pole shift. It seems like it is.
Praise The Lord He is so Awesome!!!! I am praying that i will be worthy to escape all things, there have been many fiery darts firing in my direction for quite a while now, i do believe the enemy is on the warpath attacking Gods children because time is so short!!! Hang on in there Doves and i hope to see u all very soon at The Heavenly Banquet!!!!!!!
Love in Jesus