Josua (8 March 2011)
"Connection between Lisas Dream 11192 and Dr. Owuor"

Dear Doves

Ever since I read Lisaleenie's Dream I kept the number 11192 in the
back of my mind.

Thanks to a recent post from Michelle I was watching the Dr. Owuor Videos.

In part 3 of those videos, around 6:55 Dr. Owuor says "The peak of it
all became the Vision of November 1st 2006". At the moment he said
that I remembered the number 11192, and I instantly saw how to
transform "2006 11 1" into "11192" - it's rather simple!

You start with "2006 11 1" (or "2006 1 11", it does not even matter).
Then you drop the zeros from 2006 (dropping zeros seems a common habit
when dealing with gematria) and close the gaps, which leads to
Next you rotate it by 180° and you end up with 11192.
Have a look at the little visualization below.

Now the question is: Does this possibly mean anything?
I think yes! If Lisas vision was pointing to what Dr. Owuor says is
the "peak of it all", then this is a big confirmation that Dr. Owuor
is a true prophet (and that Lisa was blessed with her vision too)!

Just recently Dr. Owuor said in all severity that Time is Over, the
Rapture is now IMMINENT! For anybody who missed it, check this out

YBIC, Josua