Josua (26 March 2011)
"To: Lewis, the 10 Virgins are not the church"

Dear Lewis

I really appreciate your approach in getting the parable of the 10
virgins right. I have been praying for about 1 year to really
understand the 10 virgins correctly and have never really 100% trusted
anything I ever read about it.

The main thing that always puzzled me was: what exactly is the oil?
Surely if it simply represents the holy spirit, the 5 wise virgins
wouldn't mind sharing it with the 5 foolish virgins, and also it could
not be possible buy it somewhere. So again and again I prayed and
begged God to reveal to me the true meaning of the oil and the whole

Just about 1 week ago, I found the following article, which I'd like
to warm-heartedly recommend to you (and everybody else in search for
the truth! ) as an alternative analysis and interpretation to yours:

Only after I read that article (as well as the following one: I was finally
satisfied. It confirmed so many of my own thoughts and perfectly
closed some itching gaps and most importantly led to inner peace and
boosted my intimacy with Jesus so much more!

Watch and pray!
YBIC, Josua