Josua (26 March 2011)
"To: Jack, Simple Math"

Dear Jack

your discovery

is simply brilliant! (I validated if your count is correct and indeed
it is correct!) Some days ago I had a very strong desire to count 888
days, but I simply did not know where to start and where to end. I
just had a feeling that a daycount of 888 days will be significant but
did not discover anything useful. Maybe I should have prayed more to
get the inspiration you got! :-)

Yes it often not that complicated at all, but still we need the Ruach
Ha Kodesh (Holy spirit) to guide us for discovering the things he
wants to reveal! Thanks a lot for sharing!

I personally have a strong feeling that Japan was the second-last big
event before the rapture. Every day from now I expect something even
more serious than Japan (e.g. another big earthquake somewhere or an
escalation of the situation in the middle east?). I expect it to be
very dramatic and clear for all watchers, so that after that the next
big thing will indeed  be the rapture.
I personally believe in a pre-trib firstfruits rapture for the
Philadelphia-like Christians, followed by a Mid-trib Rapture for ALL
other Christians (all who ever accepted Jesus, no matter of what they
did afterwards), and every day I pray to be found worthy for the
firstfruits rapture.

Watch and pray!
Maranatha! YBIC, Josua