Josua (24 March 2011)
"111111111, 777"

Dear Doves

Today morning I brought my car to the garage and while I had to wait,
I looked into a car magazine (which I usually don't do at all due to
lack of interest in cars). When I picked up the Magazine, I thought
'Let's see if I find a car with number plate 777 in that mag' :-)

First I found some info that reminded me of all the 1111s discussed at

11111111th VW POLO was produced on 5. Feb. 2010
111111111th VW car was produced on 23. Dec. 2010

3 Pages after that was a photo of a BMW car with the number plate ZH
600 777 - and I had a big smile on my face! I don't say this means
anything at all, but I really enjoy such moments. It is like the
whispering of Angels...

YBIC, Josua