Josh List (21 March 2011)
"Brother Joe Chappell"

I just wanted to take some extra time today to respond to your post regarding easter.  I 100% agree with you!  It blesses my soul to the greatest to see other believers fulfilling Zech 8:23, as in going back to how the 1st century believers truly worshiped.  I would however add to your list christmas as number 2.  That one grieves me because it so much more widely celebrated and forced down my throat.  I have people basically thinking I'm unsaved because I won't put up a tree and lights during their ignorance festival, so that one is a bitter pill for me to swallow.  The Resurrection for the most part is on the right day most years when the Hebraic calendar and Gregorian calendar line up (as they do this year for passover, unleavened bread, and first fruits).
About 10 years ago, I left all the paganism behind me and began following the Lord in a Messianic way.  So, when this time comes around every year, we have a seder meal and really have a good time with it.  The prophetic images that are taught throughout the meal process is so beautifully done that you can actually picture dining with the Lord as he would have 2000 years ago.  Also, before the Lord left his disciples, he told them He would not drink again from this cup until His father's kingdom.   Most people don't know what that means, but to a messianic, it means that last cup we drink from during that meal represents the Marriage supper.  He was in effect telling the believers, that the next time we see Him, we will drink that cup with him literally! There's even a saying toward the end of the meal, " Next year in Jerusalem", but the Messianics take it a step further saying, "Next year in the New Jerusalem!"   For me, this is just awesome.  I've faithfully held  to these festivals because I feel as though we've been grafted in, and they represent our separation from the world and future redemption.
It is exciting seeing all these things coming to pass because I feel like there's always that chance that this year could be the one we sit and dine with our Lord and all the prophets of old along with the ancients.  I pray this year brings our redemption.  Praise the name of the Lord.
In Yeshua,
Josh List