Jo P (31 March 2011)
"Rene and Fay- RE Water Filters and Radiation In the Water"

Dear Rene and Fay:

I am a daily visitor to FiveDoves and my heart is totally in sync with my brother and sisters in Christ!  Normally I wouldn't respond, but I keep being prompted to do so.  I'll try to make this as brief as possible...

Just wanted to give you some information that I've learned through EXPERIENCE and prayer:  I lost a dear couple (husband and wife) due to lung cancer, and later learned she had found high levels of radon in their home.  Much explanation can be made here, but the bottom line is that radon is decaying uranium in the soil and is prevalent in many places....especially those living along the lake, etc.   Gail (my friend) felt their cancer(s) had been caused by the radon; they pursued standard medical protocol treatments (chemo/radiation) and are both dead.

I woke up in the middle of the night, sat bolt upright, and said WE NEED TO GET OUR HOUSE CHECKED FOR RADON.  This woke my husband up, HA! (thought I was having a nightmare)  The following day, I contacted the only radon mitigator in our area; measurements were taken, and the mitigator (who ALSO happened to be a Christian pastor!) came up to my face, said "I'm not trying to scare you or anything, but we've never seen radon levels this high in a residential situation...if I were you and your husband, I'd schedule chest xrays."  Needless to say, I did the following day.  My husband was fine; my xray showed an 8mm pulmonary nodule next to my heart.  A second xray done a week later provided more detail and confirmation of the original diagnosis.

I refused the biopsy and pet scan. (as background info....we're into natural healing; I am now retired.  I used to own/operate a real estate brokerage; high stress lifestyle; four years ago, I got to where I couldn't walk and needed 2 surgeries and drugs for the rest of my life...we asked the Lord for help and He showed us some AMAZING stuff.  To make a long story short, I sold the brokerage and went on a natural protocol...I was totally healed with prayer, juicing, ionized water, sunshine/exercise.  Could the Lord have healed me immediately?  Of course!  But He chose to show me stuff that required my obedience....anyway, all this was done to the amazement of 5 specialists without any drugs or surgical intervention.)

With that in my background, this tumor diagnosis-- four years later-- wasn't so scary.  I knew what to do and what NOT to do.  (I'm now enrolled in school thru Univ of Utah's School of Natural Healing and have recently completed Family Herbalist certification; I want to know as much as possible so that I can help my family and others heal naturally)  God made your body to heal itself!  A tumor is the body's way of protecting you from the toxins....the biopsy, especially in that location, would have dangerously exposed the toxins (cancer?) to the surrounding healthy tissue (heart included) like a wildfire; PLUS, radon poisoning is a case of excessive radiation....and cat scans/pet scans are massive doses of radiation.  Necessary in some case, I agree, but need NOT be a 'first response treatment'..does that make sense?

Everybody thought I was nuts for refusing treatment (everybody, that is, except my husband John!)  My PC internist told me that, if I wasn't willing to have the biopsy or scan, and had no intention of undergoing surgery or treatments..I needn't come back.  I asked for 3 months...and said that -- if the tumor hadn't responded within that time -- I'd do whatever they told me.  The clear implication was that I may not have the luxury of postponing treatment for 3 months, but she agreed.  (Throughout the process, God gave me NEATEST assurances that I'd made the right decision!  The morning I declined the PET scan -- after a lengthy period of determination by my insurance company as to whether they agreed to cover it)...within hours of that, I got an email that the deputy chief of the American Cancer Society had recently discovered he himself had a pulmonary nodule and he had decided against any scans...said the threat of cancer was far greater from the scans than from the nodule itself!)  

Thank you Lord!

I used to host a 2 hour talk radio show for 3ABN network called Crossroads... in that I got to interview doctors/theologians/authors/teachers/scientists from all over the world and my mind was overwhelmed at the information God has provided for us!  I had remained in contact with many of those interviewed -- especially those folks who'd successfully treated cancer, etc (standard medical protocol is 5% or less! and these folks have 92% + cure rates).  With their help, I did quite a bit of research..  GUESS WHAT I LEARNED??  bless your heart, I am finally getting to the point of all this...

That "in the late 1960's, The Chelyabinsk Project was established to determine if ionized water could remove radiation from the body, which it effective does...headed by Vladimir Egov....many people had been exposed to radiation during nuclear research and development at the time of the Cold War..."  This technology was effectively used after the Chernobyl accident...  HENCE, my small tumor after having been exposed to massive doses of radon on a daily basis for 5 years.....

By the way, I followed the protocols I learned about, in combination with the water (I use an RO system -- reverse osmosis -- that takes everything out, then has a remineralization cartridge on top prior to entering an ionizing unit.  The negatively charged, pure water has an antioxidant capacity of -400 ORP ~ depending on the source water.  Negatively charged particles attract positively charged free radicals and help flush toxins out of your body)  and after 10 weeks I began to get scared HA! thinking perhaps I'd made a BIG MISTAKE in not following the doctors orders....SATAN loves to step in, does he not?  So I quickly scheduled another xray and VOILA, the tumor was gone.  NO TRACE

The radiologist and pulmonologist and internist all thought it wasn't possible.  MUST NEVER HAVE EXISTED IN THE FIRST PLACE.  Fortunately I had the two previous xrays available to trigger their memory.  THEN, I agreed to a CT scan just to prove it...and it was beautifully clear.  (I hope I'm not giving the impression that I don't believe in doctors....I believe in complementary medicine.  Godly physicians are a gift!)

The bottom line is that ionized water DOES INDEED remove radiation from the body (and is also helped with use of FIR --far infrared waves.   As Rene correctly stated, this is not a water filter alone.    

Ironically, the equipment I'm using is MADE IN JAPAN, and they already have these units all over the place...80% of the households use them -- at least, that's what I was told.  So they are certainly better prepared for this sort of catastrophe than anyone else, in that regard.  I have to believe that God is using this time to draw more of the Japanese people into His Kingdom....I was shocked to learn only 1-2% are Christian!  We continue to pray for them.

Can't be long now family, can't be long now!

Jo Peckinpaugh
Still Serving An Awesome God!
Welcome to the Doves, Jo!