John M Johnson (11 March 2011)
"RE: Bruce Warner & 10 Day Tribulation"

Here's a thought regarding what Bruce spoke of in his post regarding the 10 days of tribulation.
In Gen. 24 we read the story of Abraham (a picture of the Father) sending his eldest servant to get a wife for Isaac. We find the servant coming to a well with his 10 camels (v10) and he asks the Lord that the young woman that offers to water his camels will be the wife "bride" for Isaac.
Then we see Rebekah come to the well and offer to water his camels. The servant praises God & puts two bracelets on her hands weighing 10 shekels (v22).
They go to her home, he tells her brother Laban that he is Abraham's servant & he has come for Isaac's bride. Laban says well & good but let the girl stay 10 days (v55) and then she can go but they ask Rebekah and she decides to go immediately (v58).
Rebekah who is a picture of the Bride does not stay for the 10 days rather she leaves before the 10 days. If the 10 days speak of tribulation for purification then Rebekah had already proved her purity by watering the 10 camels...her tribulation of service. She was "marked" as having been purified by tribulation upon her hands with gold of 10 shekels weight.
So, is it possible that not all shall suffer the 10 days tribulation? If Rebekah is truly a picture of the Bride of Isaac (who in this story is a picture of Jesus) could it be that she (the bride) does not stay for the 10 days?
Just a thought,
John Johnson