Joe M (11 March 2011)
"Word from the Lord"

Dear Doves,

The Lord spoke to my wife last night:

I write notes, but I'm too slow to catch it all.

"My coming is very near, saith the Lord.  Even beyond the door.  I will show even more signs, saith the Lord.  Many will not understand.  Many will seek answers, but they will not understand.  I will do a mighty work on the earth before I come.  I will do a mighty shaking.  Many are still clueless to the nearness of my coming.  Why won't my children come to me?  Why are they following their own heart's desires instead of my truth?  Why won't they come to me?  Am I not a loving God?  I long to gather them in my arms.  They have turned to a path that is strange.  But I will gather those whose hearts are tuned in to me.  Many are suffering because they have lost their faith.  Many are seeking to solve their own problems instead of trusting me.  Many I've set free, but they are in prison because they don't trust me.  I can free them, but they will not allow me.  How I grieve for my children because they don't have to live in fear.  Many of them have wants and needs because they don't trust me.  Many are suffering.  They don't pay tithes.  But I will continue to be God even if they don't trust me.  Wickedness is increased.  How much longer must I put up with this generation?  They blaspheme my Holy Name with this so-called television.  They're compromising.  How much longer must I tolerate them?  It's time for me to show myself.  I sit in heaven.  I will judge.  I'm holding back the judgements and the evil because my bride is still here.  Man has polluted the earth, polluted themselves.  They have invented things I have not given them permission to invent.  Do not worry.  Everything that is happening, is happening on my watch, on my timetable.  Be ready.  Many will be lost.  The truth will be known on that day.  Do not be afraid to tell them I'm coming!  Stand up for me.  You are my representatives on this earth so someone's soul can be saved, someone can be restored!  I do not do anything unless I first tell my prophets...  The door of grace is about to close.  Time is up.  No more delays.  Can't you hear the ticking of the clock?  Reality is about to be known.  The Reality of truth."

Joe M