Joe Chappell (19 March 2011)
"Feelings about easter"

Dear Doves,
First , let me say, that I don't like the word easter.  I grew up with the easter bunny, and all the candy and egg hunts, and just passed it off for most of my life. I fully participated in it out of ignorance.
Finally I began to research it, with the help of the internet, and what I found was shocking. It is probably the most Pagan holiday practiced in the Church to this day.  I wont take your time here, but just google "Ishtar". You'll see for yourself.  What an abomination, and downright insult, to God the Father, who sent His , " Only Begotten Son", to Die for us !
Still, it seems that every year, I get dragged into some kind of easter celebration at my church.
Last year, I began to fantazize that it would be my " Last easter".
Our church has one of those lighted marquees, that announce things to passing motorists, and I began to think, " what if we put on the marquee, " the last easter".
I never said anything to anyone else, but I played with this in my mind for some time. In fact, " the last easter ", just stuck with me all year. 
This year, as easter approaches, I keep hearing it "the last easter".
Was last year the "last easter"?
We might be gone in less than 30 days !!
Doves,  keep watching,     joe chappell