Joe Chappell (16 March 2011)
"To: Amy Van Gerpen , Re: Fay and Childbirth / Ring of Fire"

Your post yesterday was so right on !
I attended Lamaze classes with my wife, and was there all the way for my two sons.
I remember they told us , " 10 Centimeters " was the magic number. The dialation had to reach 10 Centimeters !!
We have seen a 9.0 in Japan, we are getting close !!!!!!
A " 10" can only be on the near horizon.
I have been swimming in Psalms 107 thru 118 for several years now.
I have seen Ps 110 unfold before our very eyes.
" He will fill the Places with dead bodies " ( Haiti   2110 )
I watched as bulldozers pushed mounds of dead bodies into mass graves.
" he will wound the heads over many Nations",  ( Libya, Egypt, Tunisia )
I used to think that these Psalms were exactly chronological, linning up with the corresponding years. I now tend to feel that they may be also cummulative.
Psalm 113,  He maketh the barrren woman to be a happy mother of children. !!
Psalm 113 would be the second year of the Tribulation  ( 2113 )
Rachel, ( barren Israel ) is now about to blossom!!
Psalm 116  " I love the Lord "  Israel is in Love with her Messiah !!!
Psalm 118 ( 2118 )  The Wedding Day !!!
Sweet Doves ! Soon !   joe chappell