Joe Chappell (10 March 2011)
"Shuttle Discovery Sonic Boom and Last Trumpet"

As someone who has grown up watching the US Space Program, I watched sadly the end of an era today. The Space Shuttle Discovery touched down at 11:57am E.S.T.,  at Cape Canaveral, Fl.
I saw on the news early this morning, that the Shuttle would begin crossing over Florida at about 11:50 am, heading east, traveling at a speed of nearly 2000 miles per hour.  I knew there would be a
" SONIC BOOM " following it, and I wanted to hear it, as I knew it would be the last.
I live in Tampa, a little north of the flight path, so at about 11:45 am, I turned on the television to watch and listen.
Sure enough, at 11:53 I heard the distinctive " Double Boom".  "BOOM, BOOM " one each for the main wings and then the tail wings.
I sent a text message to my son at 11:50 to alert him to be listening. He was 20 miles west of me. At 12:00 he texted me back to say that he " Heard Nothing" .  I was dissapointed that he missed it.
Will the LAST TRUMPET ,  be like that ?
Here are some interesting facts about Discovery, the last of the Shuttle Program.
Sweetheart of the fleet, workhorse, rock star. Whatever words are used to describe Discovery, they don't seem to tell her story adequately.
The numbers tell the factual story: 39 missions, 365 days in space, 5,830 orbits of the Earth, 148,221,665 miles traveled. It has gone through 39 sets of landing-gear tires since its first flight in 1984.
Do these numbers have any special meaning ?
Watching, Jc