Jimmy Lishman (18 March 2011)
"How the Dollar & Euro are going to collapse - and the puppet masters in action"

Hi Doves,
Japan is/was a very rich country and they bought up a lot of the US and European debt – in effect like China, financing the two region’s debt.

The Bank of Japan has pumped 320 Billion Dollars into its own stock exchange to stabilise it – it’s not working – so they shut down the exchange.

They will begin to unload the purchased dollar/euro debt to finance their own recovery & repair costs (not even to speak about the insurance bill)

The Yen has risen to the highest post war against the dollar, making exports in Japan even more tricky and cashflow more crucial to them.

Japan is the worlds biggest auto manufacturer and spares logistics will take a dive as power failures will halt factory operations

Japan is also the worlds biggest semiconductor manufacturer, that is the chips used in electronics and all the memories for computers and cellular phones

With these factories also affected one can just think of the global reach of the judgement meted out to Japan for giving Israel the cold shoulder.

Mark my words – shortly this crisis will greatly benefit the one world currency and one world governance puppet masters


On another note, if they don’t get the Fukushima nuclear facility cooled down the radiation is going to enter the Northern Jetstream – and one knows where that ill wind blows – straight over North America – not good

James P Lishman