Jim H (15 March 2011)

your post from yesterday

I jumped on www.google.com/sky  for March 12th and if you move the coordinates to  9 23  36.7  you will see a RED BOX.   In that RED BOX  is JESUS HOLDING A BABY LAMB.   I know I am not tripping.  If you zoom in you can see it clear as day.  If you zoom out, you can see the entire outline of Jesus.   He is out there and he is coming.   Please check it out???    Let me know what you all think about this???   YSIC  Jennie
Jennie I could not find a red box - you gave us the vertical coordinate of 9 23  36.7 but do you know what the horizontal coordinates are? Thanks I would love to see what you have found but could not locate it.

thanks JimH

 ‘Surely I am coming quickly.’ Amen. Even so, COME, LORD JESUS!" (Rev. 22:20).