Jim Goodrick (26 March 2011)
"A New Military Force Forming Now"

Dear John and Doves,

There is a new military force forming right now in front of our very own eyes.
It is a new NATO that is temporarily being called the  "contact group " or the "transatlantic body ".
NATO used to be an American led force of the Western Powers.

It is now to include the Arab League nations (anti-Israel ) and the African nations ( marxist-communist ideology ).


Will they keep the title of NATO ? Who will lead this disparate coalition ... a future antichrist, world leader ??

What will be the new title of this "contact group " ? Who will be their "One Voice " ??

Will this force be the desolating ARMY that stands in the holy place ( Matthew 24: 15 ... Mark 13:14 ... and
Luke 21: 20 )  ?

 Will this military desolation be the fulfillment of the term " abomination of desolation " spoken of by Daniel the prophet in Daniel 9:27 ???

Time will tell.

Incidentally, the phrase "abomination of desolation " --- a horrible killing force ---  has for centuries been interpreted mistakenly as an abomination of desecration ( as defiling the holy place, like Antiochus Epiphanes ).
The hour is late to correct this misinterpretation.

May you all have a Blessed weekend.

In Him,
Jim Goodrick