Jim Goodrick (21 March 2011)
"Blood Covering of Jesus protectsus  from Radiation"

Dear Doves,

Since we live in California and since rain is predicted, the radiation / pollution  will most likely get into our water and vegetation.

We are praying that God will cover us under His protecting blood and keep us from this harmful plague.
We are told of His protection in Psalm 91 where it says that even though 10,000 die around us, it will not come near us. ( the people of God ).
Why not ? The Psalms say simply because we love and Trust God.

We will be as the Hebrews in Exodus 12 where the angel of death PASSED OVER those who had the blood covering. Many died around them , but they were protected.

All those in the Land of Goshen ( God's people ) were spared all of the plagues.

In Mark 16:18 we are told that poisons will be harmless against us, especially as we call upon the name of Jesus.

So while iodine pills may help and other remedies, the BEST protection is the blood covering of Jesus and keeping ourselves in the love of God no matter what.

In Him,
Jim Goodrick

"As each hour passes in Japan, the world comes closer to reading news of one of the largest nuclear stations in the world going out of control creating a permanent hot spot on our planet that will result in nightmares for ages to come.

It is already happening and we are within a hair’s breadth of incalculable suffering and harm to human civilization. Yet the risks are not being disclosed for fear of panic. The days and weeks ahead are going to give us a shocking wake-up call about who we are and what we have done and allowed to be done to our lives. It is a good time for prayers and a good time for some self-reflection.

The United Nations is forecasting a possible radioactive plume coming across the Pacific Ocean and arriving in California today, according to the New York Times. March 19, 2011

California is going to get dumped on by the jet stream from Japan with the fallout being the first whiffs from the first, most minor explosion at Fukushima. The radioactive fallout will contain uranium, cesium, tritium, strontium, and carbon 14 but not very much radioactive iodine. In our next essay entitled “No Danger, No Concern, No Sanity,” we will look more carefully at what to pay attention to regarding long-range, traveling nuclear fallout."