Jill Hart (24 March 2011)
"Mercer and June 5th"

Hello John and Doves

Thank you for your post Mercer about Pentecost this year. It has tied
some things together for me that I could figure out.  Several years
ago while I was bugging the Lord about when the rapture would happen I
am positive He said June 5th, and after that date came and went that
year, I was wondering about whether it was Him or not and He said "I
didn't say which year".  So as these three eclipses came and went on
the 1 AV and as this year wears on I have been wondering how June 5th
fit into all of these events.  It was your posting about the 6 day
war, which started on June 5th that really caught my eye. 2011-1996=
44 which happens to be the number of judgment on the world.
Interesting stuff in light of the "sounds" and "sites" around the