Jerry Gilbert (11 March 2011)
"From Jerry Gilbert re: US Turning Currency Into Toilet Paper."

The actions of the Federal Government are really no different from the ordinary Joe scrambling to pay his monthly bills.


Your credit cards have just a little available credit on them, so they’re off limits ….You have to spend down your savings …then you break into your kids piggy banks… and you rifle through your coin drawer… you hawk your tools and the flat screen TV…then you raid your life insurance… your pension fund…your kids college fund… you take a draw on your inheritance… and finally, you steal at the gas pump, doing a “drive-off”, because you have no money.


Obama and the Communists (Democrats) have made our money worthless…They’re turning our currency into toilet paper. They’ve made otherwise honest people become thieves, cheats and liars; stealing from their children’s future to pay the interest on today’s debts…. debt we didn’t need in the first place.


It’s time to cut up the National Credit Card and force the Federal government to back its currency, dollar for dollar, with Gold.


Thanks for the posted article, Carolyn G..


Jerry Gilbert

Denver, Colorado