Jennie (7 March 2011)
"Where is Pablo????"

Pablo,  I have reread your article of how the Book of Revelations will unfold.  I agree with you 100% and I wanted to know if you could re post it for others who have not seen it?  Outstanding Job!!!!  I have studied Bible Prophecy for over 11 Years and this is exactly how I see Revelation unfolding right before our eyes.  Also,  I have had 3 VISIONS OF THE STARS FALLING.  Usually God shows me things of the future from a Heaven stand point from up above looking down.  These 3 VISIONS,  I was ON THE GROUND!  I experienced all 3 times and felt it as well.  It is at night around the time frame of 5:00 p.m.  to about 11:00 p.m.  ET.  Everyone was still awake, but it was dark out.  I felt I needed to share that with you because your article describes the stars falling from heaven.   I also remember dropping to my knees in each vision and telling everyone around me to repent and drop on your knees for the Rapture is at hand.  Of course they all looked confused each time, (due to lack of Biblical Knowledge).  So, please repost your article for those who want to learn.    GREAT JOB  PABLO!!!!!!!    YSIC  Jennie