Jennie (7 March 2011)
"For All Doves:"

Here is my Theory on the Rapture:
I believe it will come on a Regular Day, behold a mystery, Command to Watch!!!   Why watch?  If it's going to be on a Feast Day, we don't need to watch, we can just be ready for those Fall Feasts that haven't been completed yet???  The Spring Feast are Done.  So, my theory is a REGULAR DAY.
I believe we go home before the AC comes into the Picture.
I believe it will be this year.
I believe God has giving his outpouring of Dreams and Visions.
I believe we have all been giving pieces of the puzzle.
This is what I believe, and I am soooo ready.  We all have different views and opinions as to when and how the Rapture will happen, but in the end, IT WILL HAPPEN.  READY OR NOT!!!   YSIC  Jennie