Jennie (5 March 2011)
"RE: Bruce W."

I admire your thoughts and insights on biblical prophecies, but I believe the Rapture will happen on a REGULAR DAY.  This isn't one of the Feasts like everyone believes it is.  It's a Special Event, and it's a Mystery.  God told us this because he doesn't wasn't the AC to duplicate it.  Remember, the AC knows what is coming and how and when it's coming??  So, God decided to make the Rapture a SURPRISE.   This will happen on a regular giving day.  Any day now.  We are out of time.   This is just my interpretation of my studies?  No one knows for sure when the Rapture will happen, but we do know it WILL happen.  Also, keep in mind that the Spring Feasts have ALL BEEN FINISHED?  The way things are going so fast right now, I don't think we will be sitting here until Fall?   This is just my opinion.  YSIC  Jennie