Jennie (30 March 2011)
"I Just wanted to make a comment on Born Again?"

When I mentioned that I don't believe all BORN AGAIN Believers will go into the Rapture, that is because it's a GIFT from God.  I do believe EVERY BORN AGAIN person  WILL go to Heaven, but some will miss the Rapture.
Two differences here:
1.  Rapture    =   A Gift for living according to God's Way
2.  Born Again receiving the Holy Spirit   =  Will live in Heaven for all Eternally.
Do you see the difference between these two???
God does NOT guarantee that EVERYONE WILL BE RAPTURED.  He does however tell us that when we are born again, we will live for all eternally with him.  
I am just stating that the Rapture is a Blessed Event for those who have spent their whole lives focusing on obeying God at all times, and following his Commandments.  It's like a Reward so to speak.
This is what I believe,  if you obey God and follow his commandments and live righteously and WATCH for the Rapture, and also we have to PRAY to be COUNTED WORTHY  to go into the Rapture, then we will go.  But if we are just SAVED and go about our lives not trying to better ourselves and not try to live the way God wants us to live, we will miss the Rapture.  This is just my perspective of these two events.  YSIC  Jennie