Jean Stepnoski (8 March 2011)
"Tammuz 17 in 1948"

Dear Bob and Doves,
      I was amazed to find that the date of Tammuz 17 in 1948 was 7-24! It was the year 5708. Some major events on Tammuz 17 in Jewish history are as follows. Moses broke the tablets of the Law when he saw Israel's idolatry. Babylon broke through the walls of Jerusalem and stopped the daily sacrifices. Rome attacked the Temple Mount and forced the priests to stop the daily sacrifices. There was the setting up of an idolatrous image in the Beit Ha Mikdash, the Temple. The Declaration of Independence was this day of  7-4-1776.
      Might there be an important link of Tammus 17 from 1948 to 2011? And might there be another from 7-24 in 1948 to 7-24 in 2011? That will be an anniversary of  63 years. Might this anniversary be as spiritually important as 5-14-1948 which was Iyar 5 in 1948, about the reestablishment of Israel as a nation? Might this be a vital marker in space and time, on Tammuz 17 on 7-24-2011, for the beginning date of the year 64 leading to the conclusion of the 70 year generation later than Iyar 5 in 2018? The date of 8-31 in 1948 was Av 29. The date of 8-31-2018 will be the center or midpont of center row 37 in the pyramid.I wonder if 8-31 in 2018 will be close to Av 9? Come quickly, Lord...
With Love and Shalom,