Jean Stepnoski (8 March 2011)
"Response for Bob Ware: 7-24-2011"

Dear Bob and Doves,
      I have checked the date of 7-24-2011 on the Hillel calendar. It is about 6 days after the date of Tammuz 17 on 7-18 to 19.. Tammuz 17 is the date of one of the 4 fasts mentioned by the prophet Zechariah. The 21 day period from Tammuz 17 to Av 9 is to remember and mourn for the destruction of Jerusalem and Temple. It is curious that 7-24, with an antichrist theme, is about 6 days into this period.  The Beast, the antichrist, is associated with 666. Might the command and permission to rebuild a Temple, be given on 7-24? Could that be day 1 of the initial 220 days of the total of 2595 days? If we look to 111 days from 4-4-2011 until 7-24-2011,  that is about 17 weeks. The last day of Adar II,  day 29 meaning the number of departure, the last day of month 13, and the concluding Spiritual Year would be 4-4-2011. Will that be the last day, The Day of The Blessed Hope,  when the barley is abib/aviv? Nisan 1 was the earliest day to harvest the first of the barley and offer it as sacrifice in the Temple in a skillet, in fire. Some will escape all, as through fire? The date of 4-8 would be Nisan 4 on the Hillel calendar. This is 3 days later. Will we  be risen up on the 3rd day going from 4-7 to 8? Come quickly, Lord...
With Love and Shalom,