Jean Stepnoski (30 March 2011)
"Nisan 1: Disobedience of Priests (Nadab and Abihu)"

Dear Doves,
      Nisan 1 is the anniversary date of the disobedience of two priests, 2 is a number of division, the two eldest sons of Aaron. Aaron was the first High Priest and his sons were Nabab meaning from the Hebrew, generous or giving, and Abihu meaning YHWH is my father. They brought tragic sins, division and separation into the priesthood.
      These priests, among the first of the first, disobeyed divine instructions. They offered a sacrifice with unauthorized use of censors, incense, and fire before the Lord. They were immediately consumed in divine fire, burned to death. They presumed upon tasks only belonging to the High Priest. Aaron was not only their dad, he was a premier agent of the Most High One. Aaron and the other priests were not permitted to mourn these men. The sons had no sons, so the priesthood descended from sons 3 and 4, Eleazar and Ithamar. The corpses of the dead were unclean, picked up by their tunics, and they were taken outside the camp and buried. What is part of the lessons? " Priests were to avoid everything that might disqualify them for God's service." What Adonai did was fully righteous, not unfair or undue severity. The deaths were tragic, yet deserved.
      Followers of the High Priest, the Messiah/Christ, are to be like a set apart priesthood. As we approach Nisan 1, is it well to avoid unpriestly attitudes and behaviors? Did these two priests presume in ignorance, get thoughtless, or inattentive? They showed CONTEMPT, they were not ignorant. Aaron had become much more than a dad to overlook and excuse the errant attitudes and behaviors of his sons. This important story showcased horrible "In Your Face" behaviors. These super sinners intruded "into a sacred office which did not belong to them." To learn more details of this Scriptural story of horrific truths go to to learn more details, including references in The Scriptures. Those who would be part of the bride of the High Priest according to the Order of Melchizedek will be well served to reflect upon this story. A true priest of Abba Father, His Son, and the Spirit of Truth should never want to be disobedient, defiled, and destroyed. Come quickly, Lord...
With Love and Shalom,