Jean Stepnoski (25 March 2011)
"The Last Days: II Adar 29 and Nisan 1"

Dear Doves,
      Technically, according to the Hillel Calendar, the last day of The Spiritual Year for Israel will begin at sundown on 4-3-2011. This last day is the day of final transition from the old to the new year. It is a last day, like a spiritual bridge, which Israel is about to cross. The next day, at sundown for Israel, is like the exodus when Israel crosses the bridge to the beginning of the new year with month 1 and day 1 of Nisan. Yet, part of the world is still in the last day, awaiting the crossing of the bridge, the exodus, as Israel goes to Nisan 1 on 4-4 to 5, 2011.
      In days of old, the barley would first be offered, when immature, when the barley was abib/aviv. This did not begin to be harvested and offered at the Temple earlier than Nisan 1. The days of Adar or II Adar would be too early. The days of Adar or II Adar would be days of preparation. There are 29 days of Adar. The number 29 is associated with departure. The word apostasia, from the Greek, can mean the departure.
      Raul Delgato is looking to the days of 3-29 to 4-3 this year. Thank you Raul for your latest posts on 3-24. I always enjoy your posts! In looking to 2-25-2018, do we add 45 days to get to the day 1335 we read about in The Book of Revelation? This would be 4-11-2018. This is before the date of 4-20 in 2018. This will be the date of Iyar 5, the 70 year anniversary day, since Israel became a nation on 5-14-1948. We shall see what happens as we transition through the remaining days of II Adar. Come quickly, Lord...
With Love and Shalom,