Jean Stepnoski (24 March 2011)
"Adar 23 to 29, Days 7 to 8 and Adonai's Presence in the Mishkan"

Dear Doves,
      It is always instructive to look at meaningful days in Jewish History. On Adar 23, with 7 days remaining in the Spiritual Year, was when the Mishkan, the portable sanctuary or temple, was assembled in 1312 under the leadership of Moses. Then 7 days of training of Aaron, the first High Priest, and his sons, the first priests, began. All was concluded and complete on Nisan 1, day 1 and month 1 of the new Spiritual Year. The Mishkan was erected each morning and dismantled each evening during the week of Adar 23-29. Moses, a great Prophet, served as the High Priest for this period and trained and initiated Aaron and his sons into the priesthood. Only on the Last Day, day 8 going to Nisan 1, was the sanctuary semi-permanently assembled, until they broke camp and moved on. The sanctuary was dismantled, moved, and reassembled 42 times in the 40 year period in the wilderness of the House of Israel, the seed of Isaac, the 12 tribes people.The number 42 is a number associated with the Messiah. On day 8/day 1, the Last Day, the presence of Adonai began to dwell within the Holy of Holies of the Mishkan. Later before Solomon's Temple, a permanent sanctuary and Temple, the Mishkan was present and at places like Shiloh, Nov, and Givon. Also noteworthy is that Solomon's Temple was dedicated in 516 on Adar 23.
      Are you starting to think about temple, priesthood, and divine presence for this period of Adar II in the days from 23 to 29 this year? This will be from 3-29 to 4-4 to 5. Who are the true followers of the Messiah/Christ to be? We are to be set apart as the undefiled living stones in Their temple of believers, according to teachings of Paul. We are also to rule ahead as kings and priests. The period of Adar 23 to 29 underscores these themes in a way unlike any other period of 7-8 days the whole year! Might this period lead up to the Blessed Hope very soon? The barley in Israel will soon be in Abib/Aviv during the month of Nisan. This is when the first of the first barley was taken to the priests, at the temple, to offer the immature barley grain as grain sacrifices, roasted in a skillet, in fire. It was the first of the first, of the divinely ordained harvests. Remember, this was commanded to be done earlier than the mature sheaf of barley was offered on the Feast of First Fruits around Nisan 17 to 18, Resurrection Day of The Master! Upon this abib/aviv state of the barley on Nisan 1, was the offering of the first harvest, an early and unlikely harvest of barley. Are these clues for us to see to connect the dots and see divinely ordained patterns? We shall see as the days of Adar II dwindle down to a precious few. The Age of Grace is nearly complete to harvest. May we eagerly await and be WATCHING for The Captain of Our Souls, The Lord of His Harvest, The Beloved! Come quickly, Lord...
With Love and Shalom,