Jean Stepnoski (22 March 2011)
"One Year Anniversary: Reply for Fay"

Dear Fay and Doves,
      My thanks to you and Louis Romo for noting the one year anniversary of the symbolic snubs from a president to a prime minister and from symbolically one country and people to another. These disturbed me at the time. and are very serious to this day. If there is a one year warning in effect for such attitudes and behaviors, then 3-22-2011 will be a day to notice. It does not seem to be mere coincidence of the one year anniversary from 3-11-2010 to 3-11-2011 for Japan, concerning previous condemnations. Whether individuals or nations take it seriously or not, the covenant with Abram/Abraham, the Abrahamic Covenant, is still in effect. It is a Forever Covenant, see Genesis 12:3 for details. Those who bless are blessed, many times multiplied. Those who curse are cursed, many times multiplied. Taking on the stronger partner in the covenant with Abraham is a questionable decision, to say the least. The Creator and Sustainer of the Universe is a powerful ally or foe.
      On 3-25-2010 I wrote a post called "When the Blessers are Gone" and here are paragraphs two and three as follows.
      Since 1948 America and her people have blessed Israel and her people. In so doing, Abraham has been blessed. Blessings have returned to those Americans blessing, for 62 years. What if those neutral and cursers begin to outnumber those blessing in a nation? A symbolic treasure chest of blessings would be depleted. Does it make sense that curses would affect blessings? Abba Father, His Son, and the Spirit of Truth KNOW when a nation goes from blessing Abraham and his descendants, to cursing them. If leaders of a nation condemn Israel, how does that affect blessings? Eventually in the period ahead of increasing tribulation, ALL the nations will side against Israel,  Abraham's seed through Isaac, and Jerusalem. These are the criteria for the nations judged at The Sheep and Goats Judgment. after The Second Coming.
      This reality of the shift from blessers to cursers is a clue to remind us how very close we are to The Blessed Hope. When The Restrainer no longer restrains and the blessers depart, some of the remaining will be cursers. The Book of Revelation informs us that people will curse as things go from bad to worse. The compounding of cursers and curses will be abundant. While still here, those who bless are a wedge against evil and blessings continue. The balance is shifting and the treasure chest of blessings is being depleted. For America and other nations, the past years of blessing are going to change to other years ahead.
      Also, there is power in the Mayflower Compact for blessedness upon the signers and their descendants and the people of America. The United States of America clearly has displayed a vibrant history of blessing our Jewish citizens, unlike a nation like Russia with its many persecutions and pogroms over the last hundreds of years. Soon, if not already,  America and other nations will change concerning blessings or cursings. The Blessed Hope will be a Tipping Point when so many of those blessing Abraham, Isaac, their descendants, the land of Israel, and Jerusalem will be part of The Separation and The Departure. The momentous Blessed Hope awaits a proportion of those who bless. Come quickly, Lord...
With Love and Shalom,